Tuesday, August 9, 2016

10 Reasons I Use @TenMarks Math In My Classroom

by Scott Newcomb, Grade 4 Teacher, OH:

We teachers are inundated with choice when it comes to tech tools. I started using TenMarks Math 2 years ago and have not looked back since. Here are the top 10 reasons I use TenMarks Math in my classroom:

1. Curriculum Aligned

TenMarks Math has aligned content standards by grade level, which makes it easy to provide whole class, blended, or small group instruction. TenMarks Math Assignments provide standards-aligned, rigorous math practice, which can be used to introduce or review concepts. TenMarks Math Lessons provides teachers with a comprehensive set of resources to guide effective instruction for each math standard - contextual overview, learning trajectory, ideas to assess readiness, and lessons for foundation, core instruction and enrichment – for use before and during class, accessible on any device, anytime.

2. Immediate Feedback

As a teacher, I feel that immediate feedback is extremely important. One of the best features of TenMarks Math is that it gives instant feedback to students regarding their correct or incorrect responses. It also gives an explanation using pictorial representations, which are great for those visual learners.

3. Embedded Videos to Reinforce Concepts

If a student does not understand a certain topic while doing a TenMarks Math assignment, there is a video that explains the math concepts with many visuals. These videos help to review or reinforce content material. Throughout the year, I noticed many students watching the videos to grasp a better understanding of the concept that was presented to them.

4. Real-Time Guidance with Hints

If a student has difficulty with a concept while doing their TenMarks Math assignment, they have the option of clicking on a hint on the right side of the screen. A student can use up to three hints per question. The hints are scaffolded. So, the first hint starts out very basic. Then, the second and third hints gradually become more detailed. The hints do not give away the entire answer. So, this feature is great for those students who need more assistance or remediation.

5. Similar to State-Testing Format

Many states have opted for computerized state testing. So, it is important for the students to be more tech savvy. By using TenMarks Math, I noticed that the students felt more comfortable completing math problems on the computer. TenMarks Math gives students the opportunity to see different types of math problems. In addition to basic types of problems, like multiple choice, constructed response, and checkboxes for multiple answers, the assignments also offer interactive questions, such as drag and drop, graphs for plotting geometric figures, and classification tables for sorting different objects. So, using TenMarks Math is a great way to familiarize students with a computer-based test.

6. Gamification

As the students complete assignments, they earn coins that they can later use at TenMarket. In TenMarket, students can play 10 games. Some of these games include Bounce Prediction, Taxi Pickup, Sky High, Cheese n Mouse, and many more. Students can also view the certificates that they have earned by completing different assignments. This is a terrific way to motivate students!

7. Mobility

TenMarks Math has a free mobile app that works well on iPads and other mobile devices. This year, I used the mobile app more than the desktop version. The students enjoyed using their iPads because they were able to move around and collaborate in an effective manner.

8. Student Engagement

Throughout the year, I have used TenMarks Math in a variety of ways. At the beginning of the year, I used it mostly as review. As the year progressed, I used TenMarks Math to introduce new concepts and to challenge students with new concepts. I also held contests with Jam Sessions. The students absolutely loved this! I set the timer and allowed the students to pick a math concept. The students then completed as many problems as they could within the allotted time. The students were rewarded based on how many questions they answered correctly within the allotted time.

9. Up-to-Date Data on Dashboard

The Report tab in TenMarks Math dashboard provides access to instant data. Teachers can easily locate percentages on assignments and jam sessions. The data is color coded and separated by content standards and dates completed.

10. It is completely free!

TenMarks Math is free to all teachers. TenMarks Math Premium can be purchased for extra features including standards-based and grade level assessments, one-click differentiation, and real-time interventions. Visit the website to learn more about TenMarks Math Premium.

Overall, I feel that TenMarks Math made a major impact on my students’ math achievement this year! Sign up for free at TenMarks Math!


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