Friday, April 14, 2017

Narrowing the Focus in Math: Differentiation is The Key

          There are many ways in which TenMarks Premium has benefitted my students this year, but the ability to differentiate instruction and the opportunity for students to self-reflect has made a major impact within my classroom.   Before having Premium, I was only able to provide students with assignments.  When providing assignments, the students were unable to see their progress within each standard.   Now with Premium, my students can scroll over each standard, monster, and can track their progress with each concept.  This has been very motivating for my students.  Now the students are asking me for certain standards that they want to complete.  They are starting to take responsibility for their own learning.  The motivation has been contagious within my classroom this year.  When students are seeing other classmates putting forth their best effort and seeing results, the other students want to do the same thing.  I teach fourth grade and some of my students have already completed the fourth and fifth grade standards on TenMarks. 
          I feel that differentiation has been the key to success this year.  We use iPads or Chromebooks throughout the week, and the students are unaware of what assignments their classmates are assigned.  The feature on TenMarks Premium that I feel is the most powerful aspect is the ability to create assessments by the standards.  After the students complete the assessments, it gives me instant data on how well the students understood the standards.  I also have the ability to monitor the amount of time the students have spent on the assessment.  I definitely make sure to let the students know that I have that ability.  Another great feature is the automated recommendations that are given to the students when they have completed the assessments.  A student may be given a recommendation at grade level or a student may need a refresher of a standard from the previous year.  If the students have successfully completed all of the standards in the assessment, recommendation will be made to extend the students’ learning for the up in coming year.  By giving the students assessments, I have been able to hone in on strengths and weaknesses of each of my students.  I feel that TenMarks is definitely preparing my students for the standardized testing and the up incoming school year!