About Me

            My name is Scott Newcomb, and I am currently in my twentieth year of teaching 4th grade mathematics at St. Marys Intermediate School. Throughout my years of teaching, I have been an advocate and ambassador for technological integration within the classroom setting. Through my journey, I have had the privilege of playing an active role in many professional development opportunities to expand my repertoire of teaching strategies. In turn, I have been able to share my knowledge with colleagues and other professionals in my line of work. 
My greatest area of expertise revolves around Mobile Learning. I reach out to others through social media in many ways. I share resources with others through my twitter handle at @SNewco, and also on my blog entitled “The Mobile Native.” It has been my honor to share guest blog posts for up and coming, well-known influential technological companies such as BrainPop, Remind, Smartblog on Education, Edutopia and Verizon Wireless. I have participated and appeared in documentaries with Verizon Wireless and PBS. I was also a contributor for literary resources such as Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb and Designing mLearning by Clark Quinn. 
            I have been privileged in attending and participating in many technology conferences and other professional development opportunities. In May of 2009, I assisted in organizing and participated in the first annual Mobile Learning Technology Conference in Ohio. I have presented on the topic of mobile learning at the E-Tech Ohio Conference. I was also honored to present at the OSBA Conference and the ISTE Conference. I have conducted webinars for Classroom 2.0 Live, EdTech Talk, and the Reform Symposium.