Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Free #mlearning Webinar with @SNewco

Mobile Learning: "The Time is Now"

Wednesday, July 10th at 4pm ET


       In our community's next webinar, we will see how mobile learning devices have been successfully implemented into the curriculum at St. Marys City Schools in Ohio. Educator Scott Newcomb, also known as the Mobile Native blogger, will share his experiences working with students and mobile learning devices over the last five years.

       He will highlight the assorted challenges and benefits of implementing mobile learning devices within the classroom. You also will hear about numerous useful resources for mobile learning, including BYOD, smart phones, and iPads. No matter where you are in the process of integrating mobile learning into your classroom, you will learn something new from Scott to improve your program.

Join him on July 10th to learn how to ramp up mobile learning with your students.

Thank you to our  co-hosts