Saturday, August 30, 2014

Remind Announcing Stamps: Get Instant Feedback from Your Class!

Remind is excited to announce Stamps, a new way for students and parents to provide instant feedback on your Remind messages! With Stamps, you can easily ask questions and get quick answers from your class in real-time. For example, you can find out who is going on a field trip, who is confused about a new topic you introduced, or even, who likes the messages you’re sending.

It’s simple. You send a message to your class, just as you’ve always done with Remind. Students and parents receive the message on the Remind app and can choose one of four stamps to give feedback   ?. You’ll get timely updates when class members stamp your messages, so you can check the stamps later or watch as they arrive in real-time while in class.

While one-way messages kept students and parents informed, many teachers began asking us for an easy way to engage their class. We’ve spent a lot of time working with teachers like Diane,Laura, and Roni (thanks!) to ensure Stamps could provide instant feedback for teachers while keeping Remind simple and easy-to-use. Only teachers can see who stamped what so everyone in your class can feel comfortable leaving honest feedback.

With all our new features, we’ve been careful to maintain the simplicity and safety that have been at the heart of Remind. While Stamps are only available on our new iOS or Android app, students and parents can continue receiving your messages over SMS or email in case they don’t have a smartphone. This lets you continue using Remind just as you always have.

Stamps are available in the new version of our app available on iOS and Android. Expect more cool new features to come now that our mobile app supports students and parents. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!
We wish you an amazing school year, and hope that Stamps makes it easier to guide your class towards success!

As always, if you have questions please reach out to us by e-mail:, or onTwitter, or Facebook.

Josh and the Remind team